Pi Beta Phi
Chapter Leadership
President: Kylie Humphries

Major: International Affairs and English (Pre-Law)

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: My favorite Pi Phi memory would have to be our 2018 formal! There is nothing like getting ready in the Pi Phi house before a date night, everyone running into each other’s rooms, borrowing clothes, asking for opinions, doing each other’s makeup, and anything else it takes to help each other get ready. Then, getting to spend the night with 250 of my closest friends front row at the Georgia Theater was absolutely amazing. That night with the music blasting and everyone dancing and singing along, surrounded by all my most favorite people in the world, was when I realized why I love Pi Phi so much!

Contact Kylie at gaachpr@gmail.com

Vice President of Membership Development: Amanda Keller

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: My favorite pi phi memory has been not only be privileged to have one little, but TWO! I have so loved watching them fall more in love with Pi Phi, and hope to continue to lead and mentor them over the years! 

Contact Amanda at gaavpmd@gmail.com

Vice President of Event Planning: Emma Gustafsson

Major: Advertising

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: My favorite memory of Pi Phi was one of my first with the chapter. When my two best friends and I were 12, we decided that we were going to rush. When our time to rush finally came, we promised to not tell each other about our favorite houses throughout the process so that we didn’t sway one another. So it was such a surprise to see them running towards me on bid day, before we ran to Pi Phi. At that moment I knew that the system had worked for us because we each chose the house we loved the most, and it was Pi Phi!

Contact Emma at gaavpep@gmail.com

Vice President of Philanthropy: Katie Holliday

Major: Biology/Psychology Pre PA

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: My favorite Pi Phi memory is moving into 886 at the beginning of the year! My friends and I were all reunited for the first time in months and we spent the whole night catching up and telling crazy stories from the summer.

Contact Katie at gaavpp@gmail.com

Vice President of Fraternity Development: Lindsay Brink

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: My favorite pi phi memory is running to the Pi Phi sign in tate on bid day and seeing that my best friend & freshman year roommate and I both went Pi Phi! Not to mention the countless movie nights in the house and Pi Phi college weekend in St. Louis!!

Contact Lindsay at gaavpfd@gmail.com

Vice President of Membership: Lindsey Deutsch 

Major: Public Relations

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: My favorite memory is initiation week every year because it brings together new members, current members, and alumna.

Contact Lindsey at gaavpm@gmail.com

Vice President of Administration: Calli Capron

Major: Management

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: My favorite Pi Phi memory is getting closer to more girls in the chapter during spirit week and recruitment.

Contact Calli at gaavpa@gmail.com

Vice President of Finance: 
Katie Durden

Major: Scientific Illustration

Favorite Pi Phi Memory: ​​​​​​​My favorite Pi Phi memory is surprising my little on Big Little Reveal!

Contact Katie at gaavpf@gmail.com

Vice President of Housing: Isabella Canales

Major: Environmental Economics and Management

Favorite Pi Phi Memory:  Definitely the Avalanche date night because I just went with all of my girlfriends and it was when I really realized that I would have lifelong friends in Pi Phi. It wasn’t so much the actual event but getting ready with everyone and buying outfits together was so much fun, and it was one of the first times I really had a solid group of girlfriends to get dolled up together with which was really heartwarming.

Contact Isabella at gaavph@gmail.com

Vice President of Communications: Taylor Reyes

Major: Marketing & Public Relations

Favorite Pi Phi Memory:  My favorite Pi Phi memory has been some of the movie nights we have had in the house and staying up late hanging out with everyone during recruitment week!

Contact Taylor at gaavpc@gmail.com